captainkittylucipurr said: Hello! I have a question - do you have any good tutorials on how to make the inside of the mouth of a fursuit? (Mine is a very toony suit; I don't want anything realistic. I was thinking of something simple, just a tongue and the outer lip and a couple teeth) Thank you!

Thats really simple ^^ But I don’t have a tutorial for it.¬†
if it should stay simple just line the inner mouth with fleece with color of your choice and add your theeth and your tongue.
For theeth you could use Clay and for your tongue you could use Fleece as well


firebrandphlox said: To the anon that's looking to build cheap feetpaws: you can also buy really cheap shoes at Walmart if you don't have a pair you are ready to cover with fur. You can save money on material costs by making the feet slim and not covering the bottoms with fur and paw pads. You can just use the shoe's bottom if you really need to save money and aren't going to be showing off the bottoms of your feet while suiting.

That would work too. But never ever save money and go for cheap materials.
Cheap fur looks cheap, cheap silicone (if you go for silicone parts) may cause health problems (Some makers use sanitary silicone. this would be a no go for me), and cheap materials may not last as long as the good ones.


kirbysuperstar97 said: Hi! I'm making a fursuit of Haku from Spirited Away and I just have a question about the fur. I used long pile for the head; would it be weird looking if I used short pile fur for the body and tail?

Hmm maybe if the colors are too different.

If your fur is not matching the other option would be to trim the long fur down where it is needed.
Monoyasha once trimmed a whole suit because the fur she wanted to use was only available in long but she needed it in short pile. And it looks great^^


Anonymous said: how do u make good hairstyles for fursuits



Anonymous said: Hello, Fursuit tutorials! You've probably been asked this before, so I apologize if the answer is right in front of my nose, but, I'm looking for a cheap way to make feetpaws. (Canine outdoor feetpaws)

There is no cheap way at all.
YOu shouldn’t save money on the fur (quality costs money), high quality materials in general cost.
The only thing you could save money are the shoes if you use old ones that you don’t want to use anymore.


willdigo said: On average, how much does it cost to make your own fur suit from scratch?

This is impossible to answer. Materials can go from 300$ up to 1000$ and more, depending on what you already have, what tools you need to buy. What do you want to buy from other makers or make yourself (resin casting is expensive), what fur you need, how much foam and so on


Anonymous said: i know this is for tutorials but i need to know this: i made a sleeve-like thing to cover my mouth when i wear a fursuit ( i am getting a short muzzled suit and i dont want my mouth showing) i basically cut up a tank top and stretched it till it was thinner. is this safe to do, and will i be able to breathe still? i can breath fine when wearing it but i havent got my fursuit yet so im not very sure.

ah this is really complicatet. Just buy a summer baclava. They are about 4$ on amazon. LIke this one


They are cheap. You can buy more than one to have a fresh baclava on every convention day and wash them afterwards


Anonymous said: Hey, just thought I'd see if you had any tutorials for making a full lion mane that you think are really well-made and helpful? Thanks

I found nothing for manes only.
but you need Kanekalon/ brushed out yarn/ really long fur, a lot of time, and you need to know how you would make hair for your fursuit.

A mane is nothing more than hair on a fursuit head only more complex.


hyenaqueena said: Hi! I have 2 questions regarding how I would go about making my new suit (ref here: (fanet) /view/13211183/ ):first is the arms and legs- since they're covered with the white bandage,how would I apply it for an arm sleeve so that it wouldn't look 1/2

2/2 goofy? Second, how could I do the tail pattern? Since its a brindle pattern, like some boxers’ fur, I’m confused as to how I might make it come out looking good. Thanks so much! Your blog is so incredibly helpful :>

First of all…aaaw cute design.


So for the bandages. I wouldn’t sew them directly on the fur. They get dirty easily and it would be a pain to remove them^^

I would take some elastic bandages for knees, ellbows and other joints like here

And sew the bandages on them. They are menat to fit tight around your joints so I suppose they would not slip of when you move/ dance.

And if one is to short, simply buy a second one and sew them together. You can easily remove the bandages and don’t need to wear them always^^

For your tail:

If you are not sure about the size, make a simple patten for the size only (no markings, no spots) and sew it out of scrap fur, cheap fur so you get an idea how it would look like stuffed an in real. You can make your pattern smaller or bigger of you want to without wasting your expensive fur.

The Markings:

The stripes could be airbrushed or sewn in. whatever you prefer. For the big black one I would suggest sewing in. Airbrush in this size and this intensity may fade away really fast.

I hope I could help you :)


Anonymous said: what would be a good choice for a hairstyle for my suit? I like the side swept hair look on heads but I feel the back would look odd if I cut it off at the ear-line... or that it'd look odd if I continued it into a full "head of hair" look?Pls help:v

I don’t know without a picture of your charakter. But don’t buy cheap hair or cheap wigs. It could ruin the overall look on your suit