Anonymous asked: So, how would one add details to a fursuit without an airbrush? If it's possible.

You can either sew them in (like markings) or use a paint brush, watered down color and patience to paint the details on your fur. 
And of course it requieres a lot of brushing after


Anonymous asked: How do u make the realistic follow me eyes.

With lots of practice in painting resin eyes.

I need to paint about 100 pair of eyes to get where I’m now and I’m far away from really realistic


Anonymous asked: I have a semi-realistic, foam-based head, and I like to dance in it, just for fun, but fairly intensely (frantic flailing, headbanging0) I previously had crappy teeth made from this water-based air-dry clay and they all broke off while dancing. What's a nearly-indestructible material (other than resin or plush) that I can use that can withstand being violently bashed and scraped?

well I said resin and fabric teeth.

Clay can always broke no matter if FIMO, apoxy sculpt or other. But if you want to go with clay, give apoxy sculpt a try it’s really strong and comes in different colors


Anonymous asked: I have a fursuit that requires a colour similar to #AEFFE1 Know where i can find a good arrangement of furs in multiple colours??

As I said before, I’m from germany so I could only suggest the fur from




Take a look in their store or ask fursuit makers from your country


Anonymous asked: What's a good way to hide the seams of two connecting pieces of fur? :3

really narrow stitches and a lot of brushing and picking the fur out of the seams


Anonymous asked: Any tutorials on Polly filed sock paws?

Nothing found so far but it sounds really easy :)

1. sew little pouches to stuff  with polyfill for your toes

2. glue or sew them on your sock base (make a Tape dummy out of your foot this will help)

3. fur like regular sockpaws/ feetpaws 


Anonymous asked: Hai :3 i was just wondering if shaving with like a regular razor would work? Like non-electric?

Nevver tried it. You can try it on a piece of scrap fur^^


Anonymous asked: Is there a way to shave fur without clippers? I don't own any and I'm too low on funds to buy a good one. /n\ (I do have an electric razor, but I doubt that would work)

You can try it with scissors but this will take much more time and the result may not look very good. I was low on funds too when I need new clippers. So I bought a used one for half of the new price and I’m using this clipper till today. Maybe you can find a used one for a good price on ebay or other sites.
I got an Oster A5 for half of the original price


Anonymous asked: Do you know what type of silicone some people use for fursuit parts (noses, paw pads, etc)? I've looked everywhere but they only show how to cast it. And if so, where can I buy it?

That’s because most artists spend a lot of money and time to find the perfect silicone/ resin or whatever for them. And when you are asked this questions several times a week or maybe even a day you just start to ignoring them. ( Like I ignore simple asks like “how to make a body” because the person who send the asks don’t even try to search the tags)

When Artist A loves to work with silicone X, that doesn’t mean Artist B can do the same. Maybe he prefers Silicone Y.

A lot of Fursuit makers (including me) get their stuff from smooth-on.com.

Contact them, tell them what you want to do and they can help you to pick the right product.

For me I use Dragon skin silicone for everything.


Anonymous asked: how do you clean padded handpaws that can't be turned inside-out?

You can wash them gently by hand or if you want to maschine wash them put them in a laundry back or a pillow cover