sigma-is-yes said: In your opinion what's the hardest part of the suit to make? I've heard the head or paws but I haven't attempted anything yet but a (not so great) tail. I don't wanna start on anything big and waste material not knowing what I'm getting into kinda.

I have to hardest parts :D

On the artistic aspect it’s the head. Especially when they are markings involved. You want everything as symmetric as possible. You want a good expression on your suit and you want a clean work, because a head is the first thing most people will take a close look on. And a head is the part that gave life to your charakter so this has to be perfct.

On the tailoring aspect it’s the body. I still don’t have much experience with body suits for others. and I’m always afraid of making them to tight or to baggy. I only work with Tape dummys, but what if my customer suck their belly in while taping and it won’t fit? What if they gained weight or muscles and while I working on their stuff and it won’t fit anymore. are the arms/ legs long enough? Will the seams be stress resistant?

This stresses me to death every time :D


nameriasaur said: Hey! This goes to the asker that talked about cheek blushes! DreamVisionCreations sells LED cheek blushes, and they look adorable!


behindthepromptbook said: For your person asking about blush, I believe it's DVC that now makes these LED cheek pouches for blushing. I think @thatbitchdarky has them.

Yes that’s DVC, they do it with LEDs under the fur


fix-it-feferi said: Are there any fabric types that could be used other than fur? I'm contemplating making a pair of goat/deer legs for a faun or something and wondering if there exists any alternatives to fur

Well fleece, faux leather, any other fabric and so on


Anonymous said: Hi! You may have already answered something like this and I'm sorry if you have, but do you know of any tutorials for complicated tails? By complicated I mean detailed fur patterns, because I have a rather difficult commission and I've never done something quite so hectic (:

Well this goes like everything else. For a foam core tail make a tape dummy, draw your markings on and make a pattern out of the tail dummy.
If you work with a flat pattern on paper just draw your markings on, cut them out and you have your pattern. It’s really not that complicatet, just take your time


sophiathemostfabulous said: Hi :) i wanna do this fursuit and its like a really cute deer but she has a blush on her cheeks and i don't have an airbrusher. i was wondering is there another way to do airbrush EFFECTS without the actual airbrusher? Like maybe light sharpie er..

Sure, with watered down colors, a brush and patience you can do awesome work. But practice first on scrap fur and be sure to brush your fur out after the color dried


hyenaqueena said: Thank you! Also, I think you posted an image of oneeyeddoe's "how to" for putting hair on the fursuit head a while back.. would you mind posting it again please?

I don’t need to. Just go and search for the hair tag :)



Anonymous said: I want to make a full fursuit one step at a time. Kinda like an ongoing project, and I don't even know where to start. Like literally... What part of the fursuit do you suggest I start with?

well thats personal preference. I like to start with the head and the paws first and make the body at last


Anonymous said: How do you handsew fleece so that the stitches don't show?

I would recommend the ladder stitch


Anonymous said: I'm such a n00b at this x3 but how would you commission a fursuit from a fursuit maker? And how would you send the reference of your Fursona?

Well you need to pick up a maker. Search for a style you like, take a look over the previous suit comissions and be sure to read their TOS (Terms of Service).

Don’t bother a maker a maker who isn’t open for comission right now. Sure you could ask but in a nice politely way. If they say No don’t bother them. 

Nice: “hey are you open for comissions? I have this suit in mind” “no sory I’m not open but I will be in the future” “ok thanks I’ll have an eye on your journal, website announcements and so on”

No go"hey are you open for comissions? I have this suit in mind" "no sory I’m not open but I will be in the future" "oh please I NEEED that fursuit, I would die without one and it’s for my sick sister anyway. Oh please make an exception I beg you)

For reference go to an artist and comission him for a reference sheet. Some makers work together with people who give you a discount if you order your ref sheet from them”

  • But before even asking for a fursuit, you need to read the TOS of a maker (can’t be said often enough). Save money (at least enough of it to pay the down payment every maker need to buy materials for a suit and every maker will tell you how much this before they start to work).
  • Don’t argue over the price the Maker will estimate for you. No don’t even think of it. Everyone has the right to choose the price they want. If this is over your budget search someone else. But please be aware experience costs money. You will pay not only for the materials of your suit, but for the years of practice, the time the maker will need to make your suit and if they does it for a living you pay fopr their rent, their food, their insurances and so on. And even if theiy don’t make a living out of it would you think it’s fair to work for 2$ an hour to make a beautiful peace of art? No so I say it again don’t argue over the price (except for tips, I think they are always welcome)
  • When comissioned a Maker please don’t rush them. It’s ok to ask for updates but not on a daily basis. They may work on other comissions, they may have an exhausting 9hrs job and work after this job on your suit and so on
  • You comissioned someone for a suit, they are not your friends. I experience this really often. So this is my point of view. I don’t want to hear your life story. I don’t care if your pet is sick. I don’t care if you have trouble in your job. Please keep this away from your maker it’s annoying.